Oven Care Tips

Tips for Keeping Your Oven in Good Shape

Keep Corrosion Under Control

Corrosion inside an oven will severely reduce its life, and necessitate more frequent repairs.

It's easier than you think

In order to prolong the life of your oven, there are a few simple things that are good to know.

Keep it Dry!

It’s OK to clean your oven with regular spray on, leave, wipe off type oven cleaners. The important thing is to DRY YOUR OVEN AFTER CLEANING. This is best achieved by heating up your oven, then turn it off, open the door and let it dry out/ cool down naturally. If you clean your oven and don’t do this, then corrosion is more severe in our experience.

Be Gentle

On multi function ovens, bring the temperature knob back to zero before switching selector switch between oven functions (fan oven/grill/conventional bake etc). This way, you avoid damaging the oven selector switch, which in some cases are expensive and hard to get.

Enjoy your Oven!

Preparing and eating a meal at home is becoming a thing of the past. Look after your oven, cook your favorite recipes and put some time aside with your family to enjoy